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It’s about Mission not Maintenance

The Church has a mission, not a maintenance schedule. Whenever the Church and its members have focused on this mission the Church has thrived and the society in which the Church found itself benefited. Conversely, when the Church and its members have lost sight of their mission and tried to maintain the position, benefits and status of the previous generation the Church has been a scandal and a stumbling block for many. So the question is, are you a missionary or a maintainer? Do you read the life and teachings of Jesus as the central focus of your life and as a powerful gift that must be shared? Or do you see Jesus the Christ as something that has happened but has no power to change the lives around you?

The evangelist is convinced that the Word of God has power. Most often people hear this and they think that we are talking about the Bible. And so they spend much time and effort trying to get the Holy Bible into as many hands as possible. This is a noble task, but we are not people of the book. Are you surprised by that? I will say it again, we are not people of the book but we are people of the Word, and His name is Jesus Christ.

And so the evangelist does whatever he can to bring the living Word of God into the lives of others. This is every Christian’s mission because this is the mission of the Church.

If you are serious about bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to those you love then you will have to begin by changing the way you see the world.  Because the world needs Christ and it is up to you and I to use prayer and action, art and music, language and thought to make that reality clear.

So it is time to put away routine and piety for memory’s sake and begin creating a culture of life that expects God to make all things new. The world does need Christ, and it will take someone with an evangelical spirit to bring him to those you love.

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