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It Itches When I Scratch

I sat across the table from my six year old Jonah, and because it is that time of the year, when bugs comes out and live up to their name, he was scratching his arm intensely.

“Hey Dad,” he said laughing as his nails made some progress with his arm, “it only really itches when I scratch.” “So stop scratching,” I replied with much wisdom. “I can’t,” came his confused reply. “And why is that?” “Because I made it itchy.”

Jonah could not have said it any better. How many things in our lives do we make itchy? Out of boredom? Out of curiosity? Out of sheer foolishness?

For better or for worse a lot of us choose to do things that irritate our relationships, and yes our spiritual lives. We’ll look where we shouldn’t look. We’ll say what we shouldn’t say. We’ll scratch, even when things were actually going quite nicely for us.

Do yourself a favour. Let God take care of the itch you have created. Go to confession. Get back to prayer. Enough scratching.

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