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Interview: “Patrick Sullivan on Godly Tornadoes, Fasting, and Sharing the Faith”


Meet the Host:

A convert to the Faith, Derya Little, PhD, is a wife, mother, and author of From Islam to Christ, her conversion story published by Ignatius Press. Derya's newest book, At His Feet, is a Bible study of the women in the New Testament whose lives had been transformed by the power of Christ's love. Through her book, Derya wants other women to experience the life-changing power of drawing closer to Christ. The mission of her podcast is to spread the joy of Christ and evangelize by sharing her faith with the community.



The Live a Little Podcast is all about sharing the Faith, living a little, and bringing others (back) to the Faith together. To listen to other episodes visit Derya's personal website, where you can also find all of her books. Follow Derya Little on Facebook and Instagram.

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