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I Want to Get Up

It is a daily occurrence…

…or at least it feels that way.

A little one crawls into our bed at some unknown hour…

…snuggles up close and says in a loud voice:

“I am hungry.”

Now I wish I could say that I was a great parent…

…that I respond with patience or understanding or simply a pleasant breakfast.

But the reality is…

…very often I pretend like I am still asleep.

And when that doesn’t work.

When the little one persists and finds ways to shake me from my comfort…

…I usually respond feebly with something like:

“I want to sleep.”

It is then that I hear (without fail actually)…

…those words that have come to mean much to me in my evangelizing work:

“I want to get up.”


Your family member craves something good but says they cannot find it among the baptized.

Your coworker wants to understand the teachings of Jesus and His Church but claims she cannot find anyone who can explain it to her.


We can pretend not to hear them.

We can even complain about how they are making us uncomfortable.

But what we cannot do…

…is deny our role in it all.

The people of God want to get up.

They are hungry.

They are sick of mediocrity.

So, what are we going to do about it?


Do what no one expects you to do.

Help them to get up.

in Christ, patrick

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