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I Feel a Storm Coming

It was never my intention to write this article at four in the morning.

But with the howling wind rushing through my open windows, and the clouds booming somewhere in the distance;

…it just made sense that I get up and face what is coming.

The really sad thing is that I had plans for today; and all of them more or less depended on clear skies.

It was my turn for example, to dawn the bathing suit and take six of my little ones to the beach for their swimming lessons.

I was looking forward to some bike riding with them as well, as Benjamin and I had just finished pumping up the last of the Sullivan wheels and correcting some of the disobedient chains.

And most painfully perhaps, today was also the day that I had in mind to move ahead on a building project (the glorious chicken coop) but is instead standing there wonderfully exposed to the elements and whatever comes.

Such is life I suppose, the spiritual as well as the mundane.


As you know, in life we cannot see everything coming.

In our walk with the many faces and personalities that surround us, we cannot always anticipate the hard times to come.

And in the spiritual life especially, when storms come our way, it is not usually a matter of how we can side step them, but how we can survive them.

No, some storms are not meant to be avoided, but weathered.

So today, as your plans for life fall by the wayside, and things get unusually hard, consider what our God would have you do.

He has great plans for you; you can trust in that.

in Christ, patrick

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