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Here’s When a Husband Should Die

The problem with man is that he always prefers to die at the end of his life, as if this was somehow the way God had intended it to be from the beginning. But the beginning of man, like yours and mine, necessitated that he die when that great abomination known as death was nowhere to be seen.

He had all of the Garden except for one fruit. He had all of the harmony and peace you and I strive for (within and without). And he had Eve, someone bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh, a helpmate and quite simply his love.

And yet, when the devil appeared clothed as a terrible serpent, walking upright and spewing lies, the man curiously chose to remain hidden – to be silent – rather than choose what all love requires.

“Unless the seed falls to the ground and dies…” John 12:24

The Adam should have chosen death at the hand of the serpent to save his bride; like a seed he should have fallen to the ground to save the mother of all the living. He should have preferred to die long before a life fulfilled under God could have come to completion; and if he would have done that, his story and ours (his children) would have been different.

In like manner, how many husbands refuse to lay down their lives for the woman God gave them? As the world attacks their femininity, their genius, their motherhood and promotes them as tools for other men to use, the men of our time (like the men of every time since Adam) choose to die at the end of their lives and therefore wrongly.

Notice that Jesus, the real man, died for his bride, the Church precisely at an age when lesser men choose to count their coins and accolades. He chose her splendour, her sanctity and her purity over a long and safe life. And if the world is to be sane again then real men – even if only few men – need to show others another way.

Do remember that the world was never meant to be without Eve, and that the myth of Lilith is a farce. Life is worth dying for; not later, when our faculties are waning and the end of our lives have come, but today.

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