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Happy Daddy’s Day

I have been asked almost on a daily basis what I would like for Father’s Day.

Sometimes the question has come from my little ones, but most of the time from my wife, Kyla.

And like most fathers…

…I have considered asking for useful stuff.

Something to go along with my hobbies…

…or something to help me do my work more efficiently.

But again, like most fathers, I have had a terrible time coming up with anything.


…my children decided to get some answers.

And having me all to themselves as we sat down to lunch, Hannah tried again.

“Daddy, what do you want for daddy’s day?”

“Not DADDY’S day!” Tobias jumped in, “Father’s Day!”

“Yeah,” continued Benjamin, “Daddy is our daddy. But it’s not just for him.”

Hannah liked where things were going.

Smiling she summarized things for me as much as herself,

“So daddy, father’s day is not for you but you get something anyway.”

We all had to laugh at that.


…silliness aside, I think I had received my gift a little early this year.

In the minds of my children I am not their father but their daddy.

…someone so close to them that they couldn’t imagine another person sharing the name.

What a gift.


…to everyone who has known a man so closely that the title ‘father’ just doesn’t suffice.

To all the men out there who are not just someone’s father but daddy.

Thank you for what you continue to give this world.

And no matter what you get on this day from those who love you, may I be among the first to wish you,

…a Happy Daddy’s Day.

in Christ, patrick

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