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Evangelizing with Friendship

Friendship is not just a matter of having company, it is a matter of the human being; a need that is built right into us by the Creator who called us friends.

Think about it.

What would Frodo’s travel up to Mount Doom be without Sam?

What would Elsa’s struggles against self-understanding and persecution be the unwavering love of Anna?

You see, the love that we call friendship is not just the addition of something that makes all things bearable, it is rather the thing that brings all love to completion.


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It is the standing next to that we all require to take in the stars or theatre properly.

It is the ‘side by side-ness’ that we all yearn for when what we take in with our eyes requires better and clearer filters than our own.

And if your plan is to evangelize with love then your ability to develop authentic friendships is not just something that would be nice, but something that must be present in order for the Gospel to make strides across the hearts of those who make up your day to day.

Friendship can make any cross bearable.

Friendship can speak truth where all other attempts fail.

And friendship, the curious kind of love that has been with humanity since the beginning, will be what helps us all get to our most proper and glorious end.

Let’s talk soon,

in Christ,


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