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Evangelizing Our Little Children

While children are young they love what their parents love. They do this because they love you and they do this because they believe that you know what is loveable. And so the question is, what do you love? If you love pizza and beer and a good game in front of the box then they will too. If you love shopping and gossiping and a good vacation then they will too.  But if you love Jesus Christ with all that you have; if you love the Mass and the Church and the Bible and acts of charity like the many saints before you then your children will too.  It is not enough to say that you love these things. They have to see that kind of love in you. It has to be obvious by what you say and how you say it and what you do and how you do it. Do you want to evangelize your little children? Then fall radically in love with the God who loved you first.

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