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Eucharistic Adoration

What would God see if He looked into your eyes on any given day? Would He see much that needs sorting out? Would He see sadness or sin? What would He see? And more to the point, what do you think you could see if God allowed you to look at Him directly? Would you see a mighty king, a terrifying and glorious creator or something else? How we look a God is important, because if you can look at God correctly, then you can look at anyone correctly.

The Church knows this and so She highly encourages Eucharistic adoration for all of the faithful. Most parishes have one hour each week where you can visit with Jesus hidden under the appearance of bread. You can look at Him and He can look at you. It’s that simple.

Can you stay with Him an hour to do this? I hope so because the Lord has been shown to hand out many miraculous gifts and consolations to those who seek Him out in this way. When you are there, you can talk to Him about your friend, your struggles, your efforts and anything else. But above all you too can listen, and more often than not this is where you can hear the sound of your God, in the silence.

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