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Easter Inspiration # 22<br> Mary, an Easter Personality

One cannot help but notice the subtle shift of a Mary quietly supporting the ministry of her son, to a Mary who in many ways has become hidden, imperceptible even, in the Easter community. Before the crucifixion, few words were used to say much about this honourable woman, and to this day the Scriptures stand witness to a community of believers who held her in high regard.

At the Angel Gabriel’s annunciation, Mary received the greeting that God has long given to Daughter Israel in the Old Testament (Zephaniah 3:14-18), with the angel’s ‘Rejoice, the Lord is with you!’ And in the praises of her cousin Elizabeth, descendant of a priestly blood line, Mary was called blessed among women, a title reserved in the Old Testament for only a few (Judith 13:18), who would quite literally save all of the Israelite people from catastrophe by attacking the head of the enemy. At the wedding of Cana, she embodied both the intercessory function of the Queen Mother (1 Kings 2:19-20), as well as spokesperson for the Israelite people at Sinai (Exodus 19:8) when she said simply, ‘they have no wine’ and ‘do whatever he tells you.’ The examples could go on and are well known.

After the resurrection, however, the Church of the New Testament is almost silent about Mary’s role in the Easter community. We know from the Book of Acts, that Christians were in constant prayer with Mary, and from the Book of Revelation that she has been crowned Queen of heaven, bringing all of Israel together; a mother of many children.

What we know about Mary is enough, although I am sure we would love to learn more. She was and continues to be the faithful one. She is a true Easter Christian. She is what we should all be.

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