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Easter Inspiration # 16<br> My Resurrected Friend

The Church of this millennium will not thrive because we know our Catechism. The Church of this millennium will not endure because we fight against the moral collapse of our nation with more vigor and courage. The Church of this millennium will only explode with Faith and passion and zeal if we befriend Jesus, and we make Him the center of our lives.

Some have called this revival evangelical Catholicism, and others biblical Catholicism, and others still (such as myself) prefer to call it simply, Catholicism. But no matter what it is called, there can be no doubt that what is missing in Catholic culture, is a clear and obvious focus on Jesus.

Now it would be easy to say in response that the Magisterium of the Church has been talking about Jesus quite candidly in recent years, and this is true. There has been, since the Council at least, a concerted effort on the part of Rome to talk to people about Jesus first, and everything else second, because let’s face it, in our two thousand year history, this was not always the order of things.

It would also be easy to say that our liturgy is about Jesus, and the Church is about Jesus, and our doctrines revolve around the truths we know about Jesus and so on. And of course, all of this is true as well. But there are millions of people out there who do not see it that way. All they know is that you do not talk about Jesus. They do not hear you share the Good News that Jesus has brought to your life and the difference He has made. And quite possibly, there are many in your life right now who are not sure at all about how you would answer Jesus’ direct question: who do you say that I am? (Matthew 16:15)

Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the living God (Matthew 16:16). But the risen Jesus is also our friend; He told us as much. More and more people are talking about Him. They are making homes and schedules where He is the priority. As St. Francis de Sales put it, they are daily seeking the God of blessings rather than the blessings of God. This is the Church of the new millennium. Its teaching hasn’t changed. Its Faith hasn’t wavered. But Jesus is our friend, and we want to tell people about Him.

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