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Do Mondays Always Have to Hurt?

I was up several times throughout the night.

The children calling “Daddy” from different bedrooms will do that.

But when the day begins with appointments I do not remember making…

…and work equipment not working…

…and banging my head off of a low hanging piece of duct work…

…we have to ask ourselves:

“Do Mondays always have to hurt?”


…even though it is difficult to see that when our heads are still throbbing.

So this is what I am going to do.

I am going to do something ancient.

I am going to get in step with our most ancient brothers and sisters.

I am going to offer the troubles of this troublesome Monday for you and your intentions.

I am going to pray that the worse I feel…

…and more bothered I become with low hanging duct work…

…or yet another phone call that makes little sense…

…I will be asking God to send you His graces.

And why would I do that?

Because God has transformed suffering…

…and He has turned it into the fuel that makes saints.

So friends…

…have a great Monday.

Give everything to God.

And know that you have LOTS of fuel coming your way.

in Christ, patrick

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