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Dark Places

We all have dark places; places we go to when we cannot face reality.

For some of us, that place is filled with lies about us. For others, that place is filled with lies about others. And though we keep coming back to it, we have to admit that we too hate it there.

So why do we do it? Why do we spend even a moment of our lives in places of loathing? Because it’s easier.

It is easier to believe the lies others say about us than continue to fight against it all. It is easier to tell lies about people who love us than to live up to the person they know we can be.

So we go to our dark place, our lonely place; and we cast everyone else out.


…that Jesus descended into hell.

There is a reason that He allowed himself to be nailed to a cross.

He did it so that we don’t have to.

And if we insist…if you insist that you will live in your own personal hell anyway, then guess what…He is coming to you.

Today you will see Him, hiding behind the small loving, actions around you. Today you will see Him, reaching out to help when you yell loud and clear that you are beyond helping. Today He is coming to you, as He has done since the very moment your life began. Because while you may want to give up, the God who made and loves you never will.

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