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Come to Christ Day 9: An Announcement

Could you imagine the thoughts of the young Mary, as the angel Gabriel let her know God’s plan to become incarnate in her?

Could you imagine the excitement of knowing that the long awaited Messiah was coming;

…that He was more than anyone had ever imagined;

And could you imagine her heart (as the realization dawned on her)…

…that her consent was needed to make it all possible?

You know, sometimes I imagine if we take that good news seriously enough.

If an angel appeared to me and said, Patrick “here is the plan to save souls in your generation…

…it is exciting…

…it is terrifying and…

…it is dependant upon your cooperation.”

Friends, don’t waste the grace of this season.

God does have a plan…

…for you, for those you love…

…for those you consider lost.

But He also has a part for you to play.

So prepare your homes, prepare your hearts, God is calling many to the manger.

in Christ, patrick

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