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Come to Christ Day 7: A Terrible Tale

How difficult it is to remind the world of the dark side of Christmas, the backdrop of death and violence, that set the stage for the greatest miracle of all time.

Remember that Herod would seek to put an end to any possibility of a Jewish King and competitor…

…by slyly seeking the help of the Magi.

Remember how he finally gave up all pretenses by…

…sending his soldiers into Bethlehem to slaughter the holy innocents.

Now this wasn’t the first time that a political power would attempt such subterfuge.

Hundreds of years before,

…the great Pharaoh would call on Midwives to crush the Israelite male by finding meeting him still in the womb.

He too would call on his soldiers when that plan came to a crumbling halt.

And like Herod…

…the Pharaoh would shed innocent blood.

Yes, I know, you want to say something like,

“Patrick this is hardly the stuff of Christmas.”

And to that I beg to differ.

Christmas is and always will be about God’s triumph in the midst of seeming defeat.

You think this culture has won the day with all of the Santas and numerous songs that sing nothing of Christ.

You are wrong.

You think the Christmas of history will fade into the pleasantries of a quant seasonal money grab.

You are wrong.

This Christmas. Jesus wins.

Keep smiling, friends.

in Christ, patrick

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