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Come to Christ Day 6: Surround Yourself with Family

We have always known instinctively that there is safety in numbers, but when a family gathers around Christmas it is for much more than the wellbeing of the group.

And of course if we stop for a moment to ask ourselves why we do this…

…I am sure we will come to realize that there exists a wonderful bond between festivity and family.

But at the same time I wonder how many of us would also go back in our minds to the time where families were gathering around the Roman Empire.

Joseph had to gather his family for the census of course, and that meant taking Mary and the little one inside of her to Bethlehem.

And so in a strange way, the bond between the birth of Christ and the gathering family was united in yet another way.

So why say all of this?

Day 6 Family MailChimp


…a Christmas without your family surrounding you is hardly something to make a habit of.

Find your family, travel if you need to, to get them around you.

Christmas just isn’t the same without them.

Talk to you tomorrow, in Christ, patrick

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