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Come to Christ Day 5: That Drummer Boy

If you have never heard the endearing story of the drummer boy, then I daresay you are missing out.

In short…

…it is the story of a boy who finds himself at the manger of Jesus, without a proper gift, one fit for a king.

And so, having a little drum with him, he plays what little he can.

The story I think has captured two truths about the season of Advent very well, and I hope that we all take it to heart.

The first is that music and this beautiful time go together.

Christmas carols…

…hymns around the dinner table…

…voices giving their all to God in the local parish.

Indeed, it is ancient and modern instinct, that when God seems to play lovingly with creation…

…either pulling it out of nothing as we find in Genesis 1 or in mending it with the coming Messiah…

…literary artists and ancient Rabbis all see music as one of the greatest interpretive keys.

But there is something else.

The story of the drummer boy (which again, is just a story) points to the reality and hesitation of each one of us.

We look at what we have;

…our talents and possibly lack thereof…

…and we tend to say to ourselves, I have nothing to give without money.

I cannot give anything of value, unless I can buy it on a shelf.

But your gift…

…what God loves and what the world really craves, is you.

So fathers play with your children, mothers cuddle up close and read those stories to them that you have been waiting to.

Grandparents and friends give of your time.

This Advent give your lives to those around you, and tap into the music that is yours by right.

Because that really is something you can give, and it is definitely something that the world is looking for.

I will see you tomorrow.

in Christ, patrick

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