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Come to Christ Day 24: A Prophet’s Limitations

You can imagine I’m sure the burden a prophet must carry.

Seeing what others can’t see, and having the obligation to speak the unpopular truths about God to one’s generation,

…it is no wonder that prophets throughout the history of Israel very often lived lives full of estrangement.

Even at the time and arrival of Jesus, when expectation of a Messiah was at a high,

…we can’t for a moment believe that the role of the prophet would have been glamorous in any sense of the word.


…when Jesus is brought into the Temple to do what is necessary according to the Law, a prophet by the name of Anna sees the truth about Him, and begins to speak.

Now was this her moment of fame?

Was this the time that she broke the paradigm of all prophets leading up to this moment?

Was her message about Jesus well received?

The Scriptures don’t tell us, but let me offer something for you to consider.

As you know every Christian is made a prophet by virtue of their baptism.

And every year millions of Christians preach the birth of a Messiah.

They speak about his mercy, about his right to rule our hearts, they speak about how he fulfills our expectations and so on.


…the truth of God is always an unpopular message, because at the end of the day the listener must admit that they are not God.

And they must admit that the Messiah comes to right something that is currently wrong within each of us.

Christmas is only days away, and it is going to take a lot of grace to break down the many barriers that sin has erected.

A prophet by themselves cannot do that;

…But hey, nothing is impossible for God.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

in Christ, patrick

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