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Come to Christ Day 19: I’m on Holy Days

For most of our contemporaries the idea of entering into holy days has all but been removed from their psyches,

…and the reason for this I think has to do with a subtle but powerful shift in thinking.

And the shift is this: rather than seeing a holy day as something that brings with it its own content;

…its own requirements, movements and expectations;

…many today in the Christian world see holy days as simply the cessation of work.

And when that happens,

…we not only break from those most brilliant ancients who saw clearly the value of drawing a line between the sacred and profane;

…But we lose any sense of a proper and human rest.



Rest is not what happens when you indulge in your favourite pastime or close your eyes and take a nap after working so hard at your particular vocation…as nice and needed as these are.

No, rest occurs when we get back to our fundamental orientations;

…and the human person…

…is fundamentally a spiritual being, one who thrives and is recharged when he looks up and crosses the threshold of the sacred.

So, call this season your holidays if you so prefer,

…look for ways to slow down and appreciate the good that still exists in this world;

…but as for me and my house these are most definitely holy days.

And we are enjoying the rest that comes from focusing our sight more clearly on Jesus.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

in Christ,


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