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Come to Christ Day 18: Jesus Has a List Too

I can only imagine the consternation it would have caused to our most ancient brothers and sisters in the Faith…

…to hear that many of us talk more to our children about being on Santa’s naughty or nice list than…

…having our names written in the Book of Life.

And I think the shift in emphasis,

…from insisting that one be on the list of Jesus to that of Santa,

…has aided the mentality greatly that Christmas is more for children than their parents.

We’ve all seen the transformation found among the really young when the thought finally occurs to them of the despairing situation of having the loveable Santa arrive not to hand out presents but something like coal.

Well you can imagine I hope a time when the thought was a mainstay,

…not just in the minds of children but of every Christian,

…that our loveable Jesus could arrive under similar circumstances.



Christmas is the celebration of the arrival of the King of Kings, the Lord of the universe…

…whose good books I might not be in…hmmm… it causes one to re-evaluate things.

And we should.

Indeed, to have one’s name written on the heavenly books was of the greatest concerns for Old Testament prophets Moses, Daniel and Malachi, to name just a few.

And why?

Because they knew, as Christians still know, that having our names written in the Book of Life means everything.

Yes, Santa may have his list, but Jesus has one too,

…and it’s REALLY important that you get on it.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

In Christ, patrick

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