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Come to Christ Day 17: Let There Be Light

It is difficult sometimes to believe that in our present darkness,

…whether that is one’s personal experience with the world, or something more global…

…that hope can grow again in the deepest recesses of our minds.

After all the more we feel isolated…

…surrounded by foe…

…or locked into a way of life that is simply not us,

…the human response seems to be to do a quick calculation.


…each person asks:

“Who and how many are with me when so many are against me?”

And when our questions start along that path, we come to feel the mounting pressure of hopelessness.


But stop for a moment.

In the beginning of creation, in Genesis chapter 1, God already threw back the darkness, declaring “Let there be light.”

And when darkness set itself over the world again, God would do in Bethlehem what is so natural to Him, ‘He would come to his own, and the darkness still could not overcome him.’

You see, we have our thinking backwards.

St. Paul said ‘If Christ is with us, who can be against us?’

And if we are steeped in darkness, the kind that Charles Dickens called ‘painful and oppressive’…

…Then Christmas is for you.

It is time to hope again. Let there be light.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

In Christ,


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