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Come to Christ Day 10: Why a Manger?

My two year old daughter Sophia was placing her little baby doll in her crib.

It was her nap time you see.

And of course it all had to be quite perfect.

The blanket had to be just right.

The pillow had to be in its proper place, and the crib itself needed to be as close to her bed as possible.

And when I reflect upon that, I have wondered…

…certainly in the past as I do now…

…whether Jesus really had to lay in a manger?


Of course, his being born in a stable left Mary and Joseph with limited options, and they may not have thought much of it.

But for us, to put the Son of Man into a manger…

…a trough where animals eat and have their fill,

…well that can only strike us as prophetic.

For Jesus, from the moment he was brought into the world, was offering himself as food for the world.

“Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood,” remember.

Everything about this Messiah pointed to his mission.

Even here, in the little manger we sometimes place around our homes this Advent…

…yes that too points somewhere else.

The manger is supposed to remind you of the Eucharist.

Please don’t forget that.

in Christ,


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