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Come to Christ Day 1 – Find Your Star

It has been said by many in recent days that we are indeed entering a dark time.

Whole peoples are on the move and a sense of unease is entering into the minds of comfortable men and women which probably hasn’t been felt for many a year.

And it is for that reason I think that the story of the Magi is such a compelling one for us today on this first day of Advent.

Do not forget, that while these wise men mounted the camel…

…whole families were shifting and travelling in a most unexpected fashion in order to be found obeying the somewhat irrational demands of an Emperor’s census.

Do not forget, that it is was amidst the sea of question marks and unknown future possibilities…

…that these Kings from the east decided to make their own treacherous and yet unnecessary journey.

And why?

Because they looked up.

Find Your Star Mail Chimp Image

And like every other person in the history of humanity who has ever felt surrounded by the darkness…

…Like every suffering one who has felt that chaos was to be their end…

…when these three looked up…

…they found their star.

And where did it lead them?

To God yes of course, but first to a family.


Because on a very practical level we tend to assume that as the world closes in on us and the room of our lives darkens, we must somehow await a booming eruption of light.

But what we forget, is that a single candle will do.

As they entered Bethlehem the wise men did not find a mighty King sitting on a throne, something approaching Isaiah’s vision.

No, they found a family.

“Do not put your light under a bushel basket,” that’s what Jesus said.

And when a family decides to be a light.

When people young and old decide to make their Christmas about the Light of the World, Jesus of Nazareth…

…do not be surprised when broken men and women, strangers and truth seekers, even a hostile world takes a really long and serious glance in your direction.

Do you want to take back Christmas for Jesus? Good.

Do you want to bring hope back to those who seem to have lost all of it. Excellent.

Then this Advent, prepare your home…no more bushel baskets.

And together, let’s look up.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

in Christ, patrick

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