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Caught in the Act

I got up early to take out the garbage.

And I am certain that no one heard me…

…because when I entered the house from a door no one expected…

…there was my child…

…with his spoon in the jar of sugar.

Immediately he broke down crying.

“It was an accident” he said through tears.

I was sure that I didn’t hear him right.

“It was an accident” he repeated again, this time appearing more sorrowful than before, “I really am sorry.”

It was still early, and my parenting skills must have been in bed where I left them,

…because I found myself just looking at my child,

…interiorly thanking God that I have him…

…and silently asking God to help him.

It was then,

…in the silent moment…

…that he said what many parents are still waiting for their children to say.

“I need to go to confession.”

Thanks be to God.

When you think about it…

…we have all been caught in similar ways, doing things we should never do.

And because of that we all carry around burdens and secrets.

A weight heavier than we ever imagined possible.

These are not accidents but choices,

…as are the decision to continue carrying them.


If you know of even ONE such burden.

Be honest about it…

…rectify it…

…and let it go.

Your life is too short to spend time making sure no one catches you with a spoon in a sugar jar.

I am praying for you,

in Christ, patrick

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