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But Does He Love Jesus?

Sometimes while I work on our evangelization materials here at evango I will put a little music on in the background.

And yesterday, I just so happen to have put on a music video by fellow Canadian and faithful Catholic, Joe Zambon.

(You can check out his music here).

The music got my creative juices going.

It helped me to turn my work into a prayer.


…the music attracted a little one to my work station,

…an insightful little man who had a very important question.


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My four year old Jonah liked the song.

At least that’s what I supposed because his feet which were dangling off of the bench were swaying to the tune;


…the smile from ear to ear told me much.

But then came his interruption.

“Daddy,” Jonah said in his four year old way, “does he love Jesus?”

It’s the most important question in the world isn’t it?

Jonah doesn’t care if Joe makes a lot of money,

…or if Joe is liked by a lot of people,

…or even if he is the most powerful man in the world.

All Jonah cares about…

…is exactly what Jesus cares about;

…and he was intuitive enough to ask the question that Jesus asked of Peter,

…and will probably ask us all when we die:

Do you love Jesus?

Stay focused on what matters.

Keep inspired my friends,

in Christ, patrick

P.S. Just in case you’re wondering, Joe does love Jesus. So much so apparently that he is willing to travel with me across North America to inspire the baptized to go out and evangelize.

If you think your parish might be interested in having us, go here.

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