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Bury the Dead

Perhaps no corporal work of mercy seems as outdated as the call to bury the dead.

But if we can return for a moment to the basic principle that burying a body was…

…(Biblically at least)

…the great symbol for respecting human life,

…we might find that this work of mercy is needed in our time like no other.

Symbols abound in our culture that clearly and disastrously point to death,

…and we too seem to give a nod in this direction with the ashes placed on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday.

Bury Dead Ashes to Palms Template Pixl

But remember you are dust and to dust you shall return; and then, resurrection; life.

Our culture is starving for hope.

People of our time are gasping for a symbol that says quite clearly ‘death does not have the last word.’

This Lent, show them the power of Christianity.

Show them how we respect life still.

In Christ, patrick

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