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Broken But Perfect

It is not easy speaking the truth…

…especially about oneself.

In fact…

…it is almost a truism that we find it easier speaking the truth about others than ourselves.

We see the sins of our neighbour, and we feel as if we MUST tell it to all.

We see how far our fellow believers are from becoming practicing Christians and we look forward to explaining those faults to others in great detail.

But when it comes to our sins….

…and our mistakes…

…and how we have failed at evangelization time and time again…

…we hope for absolute secrecy.


Not to bite down on the efforts of others…

…and certainly not to crush those who are trying…

…but falling short time and time again.

No, not at all

But sometimes we just need to admit that we too are broken.

And it is because of this fact…

…that God can work with us.


Yes open your mouth and say it with conviction:

“I too am a sinner.”

Go to Confession if need be.

But once you can see and say things clearly again…

…get back to helping the sinful around you.

Because hey, you are perfect for the job.

in Christ, patrick

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