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Because You Love Them

Why is it we plan out our education…

…we plan out our finances…

…but when it comes to evangelizing others…

…very often we have no plan at all.

Doesn’t it just make sense…

…that the more important something is, the more we should prepare for it?

Doesn’t it just make sense…

…that the more something matters to us, the more we should be purposeful about our actions and words concerning it?


…even though many people say that they want to bring their loved ones to Christ…

…they do not have a plan to do so.

So what is your plan?

What are you going to share with them?

When are you going to share it with them?

Will it be a soft approach or a no-nonsense one?

Find the time today to think about these important questions.

And if you don’t have the time to come up with the plan…

…then get Dare to Be An Evangelist a 40 day plan to evangelize.

(This week we have a crazy moving sale on that can make buying it for those in your parish very doable, click HERE to learn more)

We are a missionary Church.

We have no right to be lazy in our evangelization efforts.

Think about it.

Pray about it.

Then get to the plan.

Our friends need us.

in Christ, patrick

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