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What language is more primal, instinctual and profoundly rooted in who we are than the language of beauty.

Certainly the world we have all been born into has a quality about it that does not come from our own creative genius, (although we too can be co-creators at times).

Beauty is a part of our beginning, it is the backdrop of our entire lives and because we are all called to return to Him who is beauty, we can say in a certain sense that beauty is where we are all meant to end up; something we like to call the beatific vision.


It is just like the baby swaddled in the most precious linens.

Does the child know that he or she is precious to the parents?

Does the child know, that mom or dad, selected the environment that would not chaff or cause unnecessary discomfort?

And does the child know that the blanket itself

…(if the child had the eyes to see it)…

…is a great sign pointing to the love of the one who does the swaddling.

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Well look what God has clothed us in?

The universe itself, from the streams to the galaxies, is our blanket of beauty singing out in melodious tones of God the Father’s love for each of us.

Many have forgotten how the tune goes, it’s true, but not all.

And that’s why the Church has from the very beginning gathered around her those items that speak loud and clear to the person who can still sing the melody.

Since the beginning, the Church has collected relics as a testimony to the beautiful stories lived out to the end.

Since the beginning, the Church has commissioned and brought together works of art, expressed through different disciplines, to captivate the eyes and ears and through them the mystery of God’s heart.

Since the beginning the Church has called out to her children,

Look up; look long; you come from beauty, you are made for beauty, and that is where you belong.

If you are trying to evangelize someone who is well spoken in this language, your task is actually quite a simple one.

While you continue to speak the Lord’s name where you can, your best and quickest way is not to dive into apologetics

…(although at times that may be necessary)

…but to remind them one example at a time, of the beauty found in the world and in the Church.

And when you do so let your questions run wild – okay, maybe not that wild.

But you can certainly ask things like, “Have you seen this?”

“Where does beauty like that come from?”

“What do you think inspired the artist?”

“Would the world be the poorer if the Church didn’t preserve it?” And you can go on.

Remember, do not be ashamed of pointing out what we all know by instinct:

God is a great artist, who creates, for love of you.

In Christ, patrick

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