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Baptism Brings Them Closer

No, that is not my daughter and I. But it is good to see that real fatherhood hasn’t changed much since that photo. Good men can still be better men by holding their children closer. And since Sophia’s baptism just days ago you might say that we have become closer still. No, this does not mean that I now love Sophia Perpetua more because she is one of God’s family, but it does mean that our futures are more radically aligned as we set off in the direction of heaven.

I am reminded of Jesus’ words about his coming and how a household will be divided because of him, a father against his son and a son against his father and so on. But that is not my house, and his coming into the life of my daughter Sophia has brought the Sullivan children and their parents closer, both to God and to each other. I have no doubt that our family will one day face the trials of faith that many good people encounter with their children of more advanced years, and I also have no doubt that Jesus’ words will then sting of truth that can only be healed by heaven. But allow me to have this time, when my sons and daughters are small and care for the really important things in life. When they wonder at betrayal and broken promises and things that bring about tears.

Right now we are close; we are children of God. And that began with many days just like this past Saturday, when my daughter entered a new life.

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