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As Bad as an Early Christian

With a little effort I might become a rabble-rouser or perhaps a malcontent.  I might even, if I throw all caution to the wind, be one among many to untie the cables that held Gulliver fast. For the giant that is the lay faithful is waking up, much to the chagrin of the culture of death. And why not be one of those intolerant, confident and bold people of every day? Besides, my track record as of late has become particularly condemning anyway.  Consider only a few points.  I admittedly fraternize with some priests who in the face of all political correctness consider it pastoral to send examinations of conscience to catholic homes, knowing full well that anyone might read that examination.  I have also been caught on numerous occasions spouting that radical doctrine of faithfulness whether it is owed to our children, our spouses or the Church.  And yes, I can frequently be found in front of a large crowd, exciting that mob over an idea rooted in a Person that challenges current political thought or correctness.

It’s true, there is no point in denying it; I am as bad as an early Christian. But hey, big deal, I am just one part of a much larger body and together we are beginning to wake up.

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