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Angels are evil too…in a manner of speaking

Not surprisingly I suppose, my most recent post on “the Tapeworm Appointment” raised a few questions.

The first was whether or not I am the author of the piece and the second was where one could purchase the collection of Tapeworm letters.

To get these first questions out of the way; yes, I am the am author of the Tapeworm Appointment and sorry, the book is not yet complete (but I will let our evango community know the moment it is).

A third question I received (several times in fact) was something I thought worth answering for everyone just in case you were secretly asking it too, but didn’t have the time to send off an email to me.

In a nutshell, the question went like this:

“Patrick, are demons also angels?”

To answer the question let’s slow down a bit.

What you are cannot change like the clothes you wear; and your person is intimately and inextricably intertwined with what you are.

A fancy way to express this? We are embodied souls.

So yes, the famed author Carlo Collodi lied to you as he tried to present a person who was either a wooden puppet or a real boy.

Apuleius was just a little off the mark when he chronicled his time and life as a walking, talking donkey.

The Little Mermaid was a farce, when it tried to give us the impression that a mermaid could be something other than what it is;

…or Beauty and the Beast for that matter, which shows us a continuity of personhood in both the beast and the man.

In short, humans do not become angels when the die, or an animal when cursed or any other such thing.

You are what you are, so we better make the best of it.

Angels too are what they are.

So when they sin; when they fall from grace;

…when they sport red clothing and prefer the heat of the inferno to the warmth of God’s face;

…when they sadly and irrevocably choose to live under accursed names;

..they are what they are;

…they are angels, just not the kind we good sort should be mingling with.

Have a blessed day my friends,

in Christ, patrick

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