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A Question for Conclave

‘’What does the Church need?’’ might be a good question to ask if one is entering a Conclave, but it is also a very good question to ask if one is part of the Body of Christ.  Does the Church need more priests? Does the Church need more schools? Does the Church need to be in touch with modern media?   Does the Church need a greater emphasis on evangelization?  All of these are perfectly acceptable answers but please let us get to the point.  More than anything else the Church needs men and women who are joyfully faithful to Jesus and to His Bride, the Church. Why have more priests if they are just going to be of the unfaithful variety? Why have more schools if they will just continue to educate with a hermeneutic of suspicion towards anything from Christ?  The Catholic Church needs what it has always needed, joyfully faithful people who live out their covenant with God against all odds, oppression and fear. And so dear parents give your children the kind of upbringing that leaves fond memories and lasting spiritual strength. Dear priests, give your parishes the teaching of the Church with boldness and charity; the kind that causes some to repent and others to retaliate.  And of course dear Cardinals, give us a Pope that knows what the Church needs, and is himself joyfully faithful.

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