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A Look at the End

I imagine that if you saw your life from the end instead of the beginning (as we are all used to), then things would probably change.

Having seen where your career or job had taken you, I expect you would strongly fight against the tide that is the rat race.

Having seen your children as adults, as people who either love, spurn or ignore the Lord, I suspect that your parenting now would have a radically new flavour.

And if you could see your end right now, along with the words that our Lord Jesus chooses to speak to you:

“Well done good and faithful servant” or something far less comforting, then I really have no doubt that today, tomorrow and even what follows would radically change.

Have you ever wondered why this is so?

Because in spite of all that you have said about yourself and what others continue to say about you,

…you know that you were made for something special; a unique mission that has been entrusted to no one else.

And though you may not be able to verbalize it or locate it with any amount of accuracy, you know there is a mission just for you.

But here is something you may not know.

The secret to achieving it.

The secret to dying with no regrets.

The secret to living with joy now, is to try – above all else – to become a saint.

No excuses. No mitigating circumstances.

I’m serious.

If a Bible is in front of you, stop yourself and read it.

If a chance to be merciful is in front of you, steady yourself and give it.

Change your end by looking at the end of your life with honesty.

Others need what you can do right now.

God has put you here for a reason.

Don’t miss the chance to fulfill your mission.

Your friend in Christ, patrick

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