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A Little Bit of Hate

I felt quite the romantic.

I was inspired to bring my beautiful Kyla a cool coffee beverage…

…and because I am also a father…

…I decided to bring my son Tobias along with me, to teach him about the small acts of love that make a strong marriage.

I had my sermon more or less prepared for my boy.

Love, joy, sacrifice, forgiveness, self-giving…they all go together.

But as we crossed the parking lot to enter the cafe…

…we needed to talk about something else.


…a car pulling out of its spot almost hit another car…

…right in front of us…blocking our entry.

And while the young woman who almost did a whole lot of damage said a very quick,


…she couldn’t say it fast enough.

The other driver was also a young woman, probably in her twenties and she was determined to yell over her assailant.

I can’t repeat what was said…by either of them.

But for the next twenty seconds Tobias was introduced to a lot of language that I am confident he has never been exposed to.

When it was over and they each drove off, squealing tires and all, Tobias summed up the situation well.

“Wow, that was hateful.”

“…just a little bit” I responded as I attempted to join him in lightening the situation somewhat.


As strange as it sounds anger has its place.

When some injustice is done we should feel anger…

…but hate…

…that is altogether different.

Anger is fleeting but hate finds a place to settle in the soul.

Anger is what most parents feel when their children refuse to listen or be obedient or simply clean up after themselves.

It feels strong…

…but it’s gone when the hugs come in.

Hate is something that stirs even when the emotion of anger is absent.

Hate ruins lives.

Hate plans revenge.

Hate grows and festers where anger slips from our mind as the sun goes down day after day.


We all get angry, some less and some more than others…

…and this is normal.

But hate…

….even a little bit…

…is not who you are.

Get rid of it my friends.

Talk soon, in Christ, patrick

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