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A Demonic New Year

(The following is taken from “The Tapeworm Appointment” a book detailing the strategies of the demonic forces to counteract the efforts of the New Evangelization)

There is need, in light of the current goings on among the human race, to brief you in the strategies of time. You should have noticed for example, that these creatures are celebrating a novelty that they perceive, a new chance, a new opportunity, more time, another year.

And yet, while we have not had much trouble on our end keeping this human awareness as banal as possible, there is discussion among minds greater than yours that there exists a present danger in these celebrations which we have not known for many human ages.

To explain the seriousness of the situation to you I must first ensure that you grasp at least a most basic understanding of these worms, and that, I can assure you, is always the most unsettling and difficult aspect of my appointment. For while I would like to believe that you all are absorbing some of my wisdom, it is also apparent to me that I might as well be asking the sun to soak up water and remain what it is. The fact, unfortunately, is that many of you do not possess the capacity, and so you are stifled by the water that I offer you. Again, no matter, yours is a fate I take no responsibility for; I do my duty, and that is all.


So to get on with it, the human creature is unique in that it is placed firmly within the grasp of time and yet can transcend it, reaching out if you will, with the feeble mind that the enemy has given him.

His imagination, which seems to be the faculty that lay at the heart of the matter, presents to his mind pictures, sounds and smells of experiences so real that they seem to live on inside of him.

He imagines the past, which again are true experiences, and this he affectionately calls his memory, something so dear to him that the thought of its loss makes him whine as if he would lose his very life.

He imagines the future and not having the necessary experience of it and wholly unable to divine, he calls upon his other faculties to make plain that which he cannot see. He calculates, he plans, he consults with creatures as blind as he is, all to satisfy the inherent need to reach beyond the now.


The enemy’s reason for endowing these sad creatures with this capacity is easy enough to decipher. By having them look back, he wants them to remember the garden, that they are children of the king who resides there, and that they were most themselves when they were with him. By having them stretch their minds into the future the enemy wants them to think of their eternal home, a life that far exceeds the pleasures of the body, and a plan for joy that is larger than any experience that they have had. And when, not if, this final act of seeing becomes blurred the enemy tries to sing them the sweetest songs so that they simply trust him.

Ha! All that is well and good, but you can see how ineffective the enemy’s plan has been in the overall war. Contrast it for example with our general directive and you will see which side has been the victor.


When the human’s need for the past arises we bring to the mind experiences of loss, separation and sin. When he wants to look further than his own eyes have seen we confuse the mind with a thousand highways, endless possibilities, and the right to all of the treasures still untouched by him. And when the human worm is not satisfied still; when the need for the transcendent pushes past our ready made formula, then we send in our magi.

Oh you know of what I am speaking.

How is it that the sorcerers of Egypt knew how to repeat the signs of Moses? How is it that King Saul knew how to consult the dead? How is it that some people can speak truths of a loved one long past in the very details that others remember?

Please get my meaning. When the human drive compels that worm to reach beyond what it is, a flesh creature firmly placed in time, rather than directing him to his proper end and fulfillment which is the enemy, we close the circle in on himself. We tell him that which he can never know. We connect him with souls that should never be stirred; and we do so to his ultimate ruin.


Now all of this was said to bring you up to speed on former matters but does not address the most pressing item in front of us at the moment.

The fact is that this new year is already proving to be quite a difficulty for our shock troops. Not only is the gathering of the enemy finally mobilizing its counter strategy against us, something they call, the new evangelization; but they are doing so especially this year under the banner of mercy, and that cannot be tolerated.

I know you don’t see the danger here so let me help you. In the memory of these creatures the very word ‘mercy’ tends to conjure up two persons of the most powerful sort. For the one is the enemy himself, someone they still to this day call out to in their assemblies, “lord have mercy.”

The other, although merely a creature, is dangerous for a host of other reasons.

Now I cannot say her name because of the restrictions against its use among us, but just know that if our blessed leader so despises her it is best that you make his sentiments your own.


She is a problem because in their most basic communication with her she has always been called upon to correct their problem with transcendance; the very thing we have been discussing. They actually say to her, “pray for us now and at the hour of our death” the two moments that matter the most. Don’t you see it?

By establishing the creature in the present, his desire for the past and future become useless in our hands. By the woman’s intervention, the human is able to perceive that his life is an upward ascent which demands of him a proper and firm grasp of the now before reaching up. And when he does so, he is no longer grasping in a vacuum which we have always had the pleasure to fill; no, instead his single point of focus is death, the gateway or door to which his entire life seems to hurry. Surely you can see the danger in this.

The worm can safely look back too, without having to worry about falling into the guilt and error that he has certainly felt before, because again, (thanks to the efforts of the woman) he is fixed to the moment in which the enemy upholds him.


Now I know this is all probably too much for you, but I was ordered to inform you of our calamitous situation and so that is what I am doing.

Let’s keep it real simple then shall we?

Mercy brings the enemy and the woman back into focus; and the woman keeps them firmly grounded in reality so that the enemy can again call to them in his sickly sweet voice. Uugh, it makes me vomit just to think of it.

Thankfully, our success in this war depends little on your understanding but much on your ability to follow directions. So listen now you who have been entrusted to me.


While new strategies are thought out to battle this most strange situation we find ourselves in, your task remains the same. Keep them thinking about resolutions and plans. Steer their minds to their weight loss and ‘overall health’ and thoughts for their possessions. We greater minds need time to re-organize and re-strategize. Stick to the directives I have given you, and we may survive this year in tact.

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