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A Demon’s Letter on Your God Moment

What follows is from the Tapeworm Letters, a series of spiritual advice from one demon to another on how to corrupt, well…you.

In this letter, Tapeworm advises another demon on how to deal with you once you really encounter God.


in Christ,


The tone of your previous letter irritates me.

You seem to think that with all of your very limited experience you can perceive a danger in the human that I cannot. But let me be very clear on this. That miserable creature is still fully within your clutches and will continue to be if you don’t mess things up.

So what if he has suddenly had a ‘real experience’ of the enemy as he calls it?

So what if he finally ‘gets it’ and wants to live a life without our influence…it really doesn’t matter.

As I have been trying to show you (and with limited success I might add), his moments of greatness are just like the rest that his miserable kind experience and are almost always short lived.

It is true that what you have seen in your target is an awakening. Our intelligence division believes that it is the result of some unique effort of the enemy and his affiliates to break through the spells we have upon him; to remind him that he was made to be royalty rather than a slave; but again, we have all of this covered.

You might be surprised to learn that in such cases we actually encourage the fool in the direction that he feels so strongly. When he suddenly notices the presence of our influence we show him our work everywhere, even where we are not working. When he feels like he is meant for more we again encourage these thoughts and point out that he is unlike everyone else around him.

You don’t see it yet do you? Pay attention here so that you can learn something.

We are isolating him in his greatness.

We are letting him feel like he is the most educated animal in a jungle; kind of like in the beginning now that I think about it, only this time there is no point in the enemy creating a helpmate for him.

This is because your target is surrounded by helpers, what the enemy likes to call ‘brothers and sisters.’ But because your human can’t see that, because he believes that evil is in all others and that he is different ‘among all the beasts of the earth,’ he feels more alone now than ever. Devious isn’t it?

Once this is established and the feeling of loneliness overwhelms him there are only a few things left to do. Whisper gently with that hideous voice of yours that he should seek out the advice of another; really, almost anyone will do.

With this last effort to find normality and the communion of saints as those irritating few call themselves, we really do bring him to the breaking point.

Your fool will confess that he sees evil everywhere, that he doesn’t feel like others understand, that there is no one like him even at the disgusting banquet that he attends weekly.

He will say all of this and you just sit back and watch.

This other human, blind as he surely is, will call your target back to sleep and you will not have to lift a finger!

Oh I love hating them.

He will speak of depression, fanaticism; it really is quite amusing.

Your wretch will leave that encounter questioning his first very real experience with the enemy; and when this happens there is only one final step.

Say calmly, soberly, soothingly that there is something wrong with him and that he needs to let that memory of the enemy fade into a dream.

Can anything save your worm from our trap?

Of course. To survive he will need to persevere in his loneliness until the enemy can reorganize the universe.

Don’t get philosophical here you know what I mean!

The enemy will be moving his troops in such a way as to get one of his precious, holy ones into the life of your target.

And if your human chooses to go to one of these;

…if he confides and bares his soul in their presence;

…then he will hear that he is not really alone and that his suspicions are correct.

Your target will begin seeing himself as he is, one of the enemy’s weapons in this war, rather than a victim or a judge or anything else we can delude him of.

He will start to truly form himself, to train body and soul, and if this happens then we have a real problem.

Instead of condemning those around him he will begin a plan to ‘save them’ as that detestable Jude once encouraged.

Have I scared you yet?

No need to worry as the odds are infinitely in our favour.

Few of these humans can hold on so long as to wait for the holy ones anyway.

Your target will not be able to persevere and so he will not be saved. Glorious isn’t it?

For someone of your intelligence this is all difficult to understand I am sure, but just follow the steps.

When your target experiences the enemy the goal is to isolate him; make him feel absolutely alone; and then because isolation is always unbearable for these creatures lead him to another who forces a choice on him: loneliness or life as it was before.

AND REMEMBER: be on the lookout for the enemy’s holy ones, do not let them get near your human.

You take up far too much of my time.

Hating you more than ever,


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