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A Decision Worth Dying For

So you have found the silence somewhere in your day, and you are able to find at least sometime in that state without being interrupted…

…or worried that you might be, what now?

Well the second step in our discernment process is quite an easy one because it is often what we all tend to do anyway.

You may have done this already; you compile in your head or on paper the down to earth, real good that could come from living out each of your options.

Now before you say, “well thank you Patrick, I already knew that”, remember what is different…You.

In your new state of silence, you are not just using the brain to make calculations or comparing how choosing your various options can best fulfill what you want.

No, having invited God into the conversation you are looking for which of your options are most fruitful.

The good that you are looking for is not just gain but quite possibly even loss.

And if that confuses you just remember the words of our Lord from John 12, “unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”

In this new scenario in which you find yourself…

…in the silence of the garden or drive in the car,

…YOU are finally in a position to look for the fruit that is worth dying for.


…because decisions that flow from these moments can bring more happiness to you than you can ever imagine.

In fact, that is precisely one of the ways that my wife Kyla and I knew.

We were young, and the option was before us, should we get married.

And in the silence of our days we both found that even if it would bring much hardship…

…even if it didn’t make sense according to the world’s calculations…

…I at least because I can’t speak for Kyla…

…I knew that even in dying for her I could be happy.

So, what fruit might come from the choice in front of you?

And if you are still not sure, don’t worry, I have another question that can help you decide.

Talk soon.

in Christ, patrick

P.S. Join me next week as we continue our discernment process and look at the difference between happiness and joy.

P.S. To see STEP 1 in our discernment process, go to our YouTube channel and watch the video entitled, “Fight for Silence.”

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