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A Conversation Worth Having

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

I am slowly coming to the conclusion that we’re either addicted to noise or afraid of silence; perhaps both.

And I am starting to believe that the choice to fill our respective environments with distractions (whether visual or auditory) has a lot to do with avoiding that next important conversation.

I think you know what I mean.

Almost everyday of your life, God is reaching out to you in order to discuss what matters most.

He wants to talk about your family.

He wants to talk about how He loves you and how He desires to forgive you.

He wants to talk about how you can be truly happy.

And yet, like children doing their best to avoid an uncomfortable conversation, we put a wall of noise between us.

Sure, you may not be blasting your rock music through an expensive set of headphones and averting your eyes as you walk through shared spaces, but if you’re like me, you find other ways to do very much the same thing.

Perhaps you are skipping your prayer time.

Or perhaps you have forgotten where you have placed the Word of God after much disuse.

Or perhaps you have turned all of your attention to politics.

And perhaps it’s simply the silence. Avoiding that has made avoiding your Father quite easy.

But today doesn’t have to be like the many days that came before this one.

You could get off social media.

You could turn off the podcast.

You can put your phone or computer away.

You could soak yourself in silence and have a conversation that is truly worth having.

in Christ,


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