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A Conservative Husband

I just hate those conservative husbands, you know the kind that I am speaking about.  They love their wives and do not hold them in suspicion.  They correct their children because they want them to be free from mediocrity.  These husbands even treasure their family’s past as if it had something very valuable to teach them and all they hold dear. Someone should tell them (and I hope you have), that unless these husbands change, their marriages will fall apart.  Unless they realize that they are easily replaced by just about anyone then society is in trouble. Unless these conservative husbands start behaving and believing like other husbands around them then the very community of their homes will not last long.

Faithfulness is overrated and a sign of the weak minded; or at least, that is what we must convince these men of if we want to bring down the kingdom of the enemy!

–          In all disgust,



Stop calling them husbands and make sure to qualify the word. This way we can convince many that their behaviour is not the norm but a swing of the pendulum.  Trust me, this has worked before with Christians and it will work again. They are conservative husbands. See, doesn’t that sound wrong already!

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