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Free online event: Feb. 19 - 21, 2021

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Don't Miss Out on a Powerful Lent

Just because you can't get to a parish mission doesn't mean that you can't have a missionary preacher come to you. 

For three days, host international Catholic speaker Patrick Sullivan in your home for a retreat that will bear much fruit. 

Join Live or Take the Retreat at Your Own Pace

We understand the new normal. Take your retreat when you can focus and not be pulled in many directions.

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Consider Donating

If you believe like we do that retreats and missions are powerful tools to evangelize, then please consider donating to help us reach more people.

Download The Booklet

It contains the retreat schedule,  structured meditation and thought provoking questions to help you enter more deeply into your retreat.

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What are you waiting for? 

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Listen to 3 Powerful and Helpful Talks Over Three Days from a Catholic speaker you can trust.


"Patrick ...left us uplifted, inspired, and informed. His ability to share the love of our God with and for us made the meetings fly by. If you want to feel affirmed, challenged, and inspired to follow our God more closely and consistently, Patrick’s message is for you."

"Patrick is such an engaging speaker. I felt as though I related to almost everything he touched on tonight. I could swear he was talking directly to me. Can’t wait to go back tomorrow!"

Carol Miller Najdek

Kim Lapointe

"Patrick led ONE OF THE BEST RETREATS I've ever been on. He brought scripture to life and broke it down in a way that lead me deeper into the heart of the Father. His passionate storytelling kept me engaged all day. Very well done. Thank you, Patrick!"

"Easy to listen too and more importantly easy to relate too! May God continue to bless you and us in your ministry of evangelization!"

Douglas Penn

Lydia Brownrigg

"PATRICK LED OUR STAFF THROUGH ONE OF IF NOT THE BEST RETREATS WE'VE HAD.  His style is real and rooted in his relationship with God, informed by his dedicated studies, and he is great at weaving stories in to illustrate the point. I would highly recommend his ministry, especially for leaders/missionaries. I personally was able to more deeply encounter the Lord and go forth inspired and renewed in zeal for the mission. Thanks again, Patrick!"

Ian Anderson

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