Who Are We?

We are a small group of Catholics who want to use our talents, gifts, and expertise to build up the kingdom of God.

How Do We Do That?

We create resources to help you evangelize your family, your friends, your parish, and even your diocese.

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We take care to stay connected with our social media community and remind them that God has not abandoned them; He has not abandoned you. He is rooting for you.

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And we pray for you and with you that the whole Body of Christ might become a better evangelizing community across the globe.

Angel of God,

my guardian dear!

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Our Father...

For the sake of His sorrowful passion...

Hail Mary...

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How Did We Get Started?


Our Founder leaves his career to follow the call.

Our Founder, Patrick Sullivan, already a father of six children, leaves his career in education to become a full-time Catholic Lay Evangelist. He begins by teaching Bible studies in coffee shops all around the Greater Toronto Area and launches a new apostolate to engage the baptized in the New Evangelization. He calls it, Evango (pronounced: ee-van-go).


Parish Missions begin...

With the help of gifted friends, Patrick's work and mission is recognized and he is invited to speak at retreats all around Canada.


A Group Begins to Form...

A small group of talented individuals come together over Evango's mission and begin to ask the Spirit what He wants for His Church and this brand new apostolate.


The Need for Parenting Resources...

In response to the Lord's call, the Evango Team begins creating various resources for Catholic parents, primarily Me & My House, a one-of-a-kind video parenting program. 


Patrick begins leading Parish Missions throughout the United States.


Me & My House is aired on FORMED.


Evango's mission grows...

The Me & My House website goes live and launches a weekly Catholic parenting blog!


The NonProfit, Big Picture Catholic Evangelization is founded to expand and deepen Evango's missionary work.


Evango begins collaboration with YesTV, Shalom World Media, and other broadcasters to create a reality show that highlights the beauty and joy of Catholic family life.